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The Zebra that lost Her Stripes

Some of the people that migrated from the south to the city, forgot their religious beliefs and up bringing and adapted to the street life and sinful worldly ways, which caused destruction, that caused crime and problems that we face in our society today. Read about a person being influenced by a sinful person and being saved by the foundation that her parents instilled in her. (the religion which was instilled in her when she was a child) . Read the Zebra that lost her Stripes Comic Book.For more information about this Comic Book , Contact me at (773) 981-0643

Afro American History Books

Students will do activities in our coloring book to
develop their knowledge of African Americans Heroes. I
would like for our children to develop a curiosity of the
African American determination and strugglers to better

My mission is to prepare students to learn, and understand
their heritage. Eventually learn to appreciate the value
of time. They will understand how our great heroes set
schedules in their life to reach their goals in life. This will
inspire the students to have a more positive self.

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